This page will document my project from beginning to end, with details and photos.

Here's how it all started, on jack stands, in a driveway, behind a house in Odessa, TX.
Here's how she looked before I added the RS hideaway headlight & grill option. She's on the road & getting ready for paint.
Here's what I'm shooting for.

My buddy, Bill, spotted this car for sale near his work. It had sat there for a few years, but was someone else's project and couldn't be bought.

After a divorce, Ron McGraw, the cousin of Tim McGraw, was forced to get the car off the ex's property and had no place to move it, so he finally put it up for sale. I went to look at it and talked him down to $4,500 cash. It was a done deal and I towed her home.

The body was very straight and had new quarters. The pans were in very good shape and look original, except for the front, which look to have been patched at one time, but done fairly well. The front fenders had some rust creeping in at the lower rear corner of each, but a perfect replacement RH fender came with the car, so I only needed to find the LH to have an almost flawless body. About a week before I bought the car, a kid had thrown a rock at the windshield and busted it badly, but the windshield was the only glass I needed.

The interior was only missing 1 door panel, 1 rear panel, console, carpet & dash pad.

The original motor was missing, but with the purchase, I received a complete, but disassembled '67 327 with the engine stand it was on and a complete 350 from an '82 Vette with the engine hoist Ron had it hanging from.

He was apparently getting ready to drop the 350 in the Camaro. Since this was an original SS with it's original 4 speed and 12 bolt still in the car, I decided to find a #s matching motor to complete the package. I stored both the motors in my backyard with little intention of using them since they were not #s matching for this car.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350

This was originally an SS in Glacier Blue with a dark blue vinyl top, black stripes, a dark blue interior, 300HP 350, 4 speed manual transmission and 12 bolt posi rear end. It will be going back to the original specs with the exception of the vinyl top and the shade of the blue paint.

Original Sticker Price:
A base 1969 Camaro SS was $3,026.

Production #s:
34,932 SS Camaros were produced in 1969.

Average Value:
Hagerty Price Guide Value

COMPLETE #s and date matching motor. (full details coming soon)
Goodmark cowl induction hood.
Console, new carpet & dash pad.
New emblems.
Temporary windshield & exhaust.

LH Fender
New interior panels, headliner.

She's coming together and now has a temporary 350 installed, the one that came with the purchase, mated up to the original 4 speed, so I can drive the car for now, instead of pushing it around. I'm getting ready to finish off the body and get her painted, then drop in the freshly rebuilt complete #s matching motor and new interior package.

Purchased: 05/08/2004
Corvette 350 installed: 04/10/07